About us

About Us

  • Old Timey Productions is the sponsor and promoter of Florida’s only dedicated antique arms and militaria show. Sure, you can go to a bigger show and walk through aisles of AR15s and Glocks before finding that perfect Rockola M1 Carbine. However, for our kind of collector that’s not good enough. When you walk into an Old Timey Productions show, collectors know that every single aisle and every single table will be chock full of high quality collectibles from the 18th century through Vietnam era. We are known by many snow birds as THE winter show to attend. While the rest of the country is digging their cars out from under the snow, isn’t it refreshing to know that you can slip into your favorite shorts and flip flops and come enjoy a truly impressive array of rare antique and collectible firearms and militaria from around the world?

  • If you’ve never been to one of our shows, go ahead and treat yourself. Come on down to Pompano Beach, Florida (20 minutes from Fort Lauderdale Airport), enjoy a weekend with us, make some new friends and learn why Old Timey Productions is known in many circles as the best antique arms and militaria show in the Gun Shine State!

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