Frequently Asked Question

Can I purchase tickets in advance?

No. At this time tickets are only available at the door by payment of cash. There is an ATM available.

Can I bring a gun to the show to sell or trade?

Yes, bring whatever you can carry in your hands (no boxes or other clever carrying devices . We have security at the door to check your gun and put a tie strap on it to secure it and let others know it has been checked. MAKE SURE YOUR GUNS ARE UNLOADED AND THAT YOU DO NOT HAVE ANY LOOSE AMMUNITION WITH YOU.

What if I want to set up and sell my guns or other items?

You contact the show promoter about your products and table availability.

Dealer Registration PDF Form

What do I need to bring with me and what is the procedure for buying a gun?

You need a valid driver’s license or other state issued picture ID. To purchase a gun in Florida you must be 18 to buy a rifle, 21 to buy a handgun and a Florida Resident. If you are not a Florida resident, the gun purchase may be shipped to a licensed dealer in your state. All exhibitors will accept cash and most will accept credit cards. If you have a Florida Concealed Weapons Permit, you may walk out with your gun the same day, otherwise a background check will be performed as well as 3-5 business day wait, depending on the county.

I have a concealed weapon permit. Am I allowed to bring my gun loaded to the show?

No. All guns must be unloaded and secured with a plastic tie at our security desk. Safety is our number one priority and can only be maintained if there are NO loaded guns in the show.